We understand that many Commercial Buildings are investment properties that need to have a short term ROI – we can design a Commercial Metal Buildings to suit that purpose.

  • Designed to Canadian Building Codes
  • Energy Star rated panels to help regulate your building’s temperature and save you on high electricity prices in peak months
  • Maximum size Windows to utilize natural light and reduce your electricity bill
  • The Building can be designed to accept Solar panels so your building can begin earning you money by reducing or eliminating your dependency on the electric company
  • Our buildings can earn you multiple LEED credits towards LEED certification
  • Low maintenance and Best Warranty available in Canada
  • Construction process is faster & easier than building with alternative materials

Global Steel Buildings can be designed to use stucco, brick, stone and insulated metal panel facade’s to provide an upscale appearance. Mezzanine floors are available to facilitate maximum office, manufacturing or storage space utilization. The Global Steel Buildings package will provide the most cost effective and durable metal building available in Canada. At Global Steel Buildings Canada we understand that many Commercial Metal Buildings are investment properties that need to have a short term ROI – we can design a building to suit that purpose Our steel building comes with a warranty that is second to none; 40 year warranty on the colour steel wall sheeting and trim, 25 year rust perforation warranty on the Galvalume steel roof sheeting and LIFETIME on the stainless steel fasteners.

All of Our Steel Buildings are engineered to withstand the extremes of the Canadian climate; we can design to any Province or Territory. Our designers are Canadian and live in Canada – we know what it takes to design a Commercial Building for our climate conditions. We can design the building to provide you with the most advanced insulation system available in Canada – saving you money on your energy bill.

Our Accessories Department will ensure your metal building is equipped with the correct doors, windows, vents – just to name a few of our available accessories. Our buildings are simple to erect and are maintenance free. Contact us so one of our designers can engineer the steel building you need today.